Store & Preserve your Garments, Shoes, Handbags & Art Works

Deposit your precious outfits, shoes & handbags with ALMARI. We’ll preserve & deliver them to you just when you need them!
We also house your Canvas Paintings.

We Store

We store your belongings in a temperature-check, air-purified, and moisture controlled environment.

We Care

We carry out routine maintenance and store your belongings in the best possible manner.

We Deliver

Whenever you need your belongings, we will deliver them to you!

ALMARI is a Care-House, equipped with air-purifiers and dehumidifiers so that your Garments, Shoes, Handbags & Paintings are preserved in a suitable environment.


How often does it happen that you spend hours rummaging through your closet, and still cannot find the set of clothes/shoes/bags, you want for that special occasion or that important meeting? Even if you do find it eventually, it is either crumpled or unclean or has bits and buttons missing. Basically, not ‘ready-to-wear’.

Also the amount of water in the air can have a huge impact on the health of your Canvas Paintings.

Thus hand over your worries to ALMARI and we will make sure your Garments, Shoes, Handbags & Art Works look pristine for years and is available to you whenever you need them.

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About Leher Ali

Leher Ali

ALMARI was founded in January 2019 by Leher Ali, at the age of 18 years, while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Mithibai college - Mumbai. ALMARI is India's first premium garment storage startup.

Opening the doors of ALMARI
“On the eve of Ganesh Pooja, I was rummaging through my closet for a traditional outfit that I had planned to wear the following day. As is the case with most of us, I struggled to find it since all my premium outfits were stuffed into suitcases. After much trouble, I found it in a rumpled, crumpled and unwearable condition. This was followed by some tiring hours of meticulous ironing and finally the outfit was ready.

This ordeal made me think and wish for a space where I could keep my outfits safe, secure and in a careful manner, and yet be available when I need them. And that’s when my mind went, Eureka! I wondered if such a service already existed. After a thorough round of research, I found there was no service of this sort, and here’s where I found my opportunity.

I pitched this idea to my parents – a service which provides closet space to keep all your premium wear, offers laundry/cleaning services and makes them available to you in a ready-to-wear condition, whenever you need them. Thankfully, my parents agreed to support the idea and we are now ready to open the doors of ALMARI.

We all have ideas, but translating them into something tangible – a product or a service – is what separates doers from thinkers.

– Leher Ali, Founder ALMARI

What can you keep with ALMARI?

Occasion Wears, Shoes & Handbags are always difficult to store, and needs careful handling.
Hand over your worries to ALMARI. We’ll store your belongings, and have them sent to you when an occasion comes up!

All /
Garments /
Shoes /
Hangbags /
Art Works/

Dress Tumhare, [Space] Humari

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Pricing Plans

ALMARI is a service that allows you to repose occasional wear, shoes, handbags & artworks in our care, to ensure they’re stored in a safe and secure manner.

  • Garment Set

  • 1799.00

    1 Year
  • Includes regular maintenance
  • Print & Digital Catalogue
  • Does not include dry-cleaning or washing charges
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  • Shoe & Handbag

  • 699.00

    1 Year
  • Includes regular maintenance
  • Print & Digital Catalogue
  • Does not cleaning, repairing or washing charges
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  • Canvas Paintings

  • 299.00

    Per Sqft, 1 Year
  • Maintenance
  • Print & Digital Catalogue
  • Online Exhibition (optional)
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Starting Young

Leher Ali - Founder ALMARI speaking at TEDxTarabaiPark - An entrepreneur with a literal out of the cupboard idea. She started young at the age of 18 and is a successful CEO of her startup. Leher Ali is a teenager with big dreams. She started her own company Almari Co at the age of 18. Almari is a growing business which provides storage space and cleaning space for garments. She created an unorthodox business model to cater to the people in metropolitan cities and provide services to a niche market. Her company has been an astounding success. CEO of an emerging startup and a budding entrepreneur proves that age is just a number.

Meet the 18-year-old entrepreneur

Leher Ali, a B.Com student from Mumbai’s Mithibai College, wants to change the way you store your fanciest clothes. Here’s why you may need her ALMARI.

Making Waves

An 18-year-old marketing student Leher Ali has been making waves in Mumbai with her new business, Almari, a small shop where she cleans and presses saris and suits and stores them in an air-conditioned unit. When you want them, they’ll deliver to your door, even on short notice. Ali has been honored several times as a young female entrepreneur. The concept is simple, but yet she’s the first.

Outsource the maintenance of your expensive outfits

Photographed, bar-coded, insured and monitored with 24/7 CCTV surveillance, this new service will take good care of your special pieces.

Keep your Premium wears safe with this 18-year-old’s startup ALMARI

ALMARI - a service that gives you a chance to store premium garments in a safe, secure and careful manner.

ALMARI - Dress Tumhare, [Space] Humari

Almari provides you with a wardrobe of your own to store garments that require extra TLC in storage and handling. We’ll keep your outfits in mint condition - ready to be worn the next time you decide to wear them!

Let’s Get In Touch

ALMARI acts as a safe of sorts for outfits that are precious, and must be preserved in a careful manner. We hold your outfits for the duration of time that you won’t need them for immediate wear, and they can be made available to you, as and when you do!


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